Social Innovation Dialogue

By: Natalia Ortiz Maltés

According to Stanford graduate school of Business, social innovation is the process of developing and deploying effective solutions to challenging and often systemic social and environmental issues in support of social progress. In other words, it is a new idea that satisfies social needs. These ideas enhance society’s capacity to act upon a certain situation or problem. Other than giving society a hand, social innovation also enhances creativity, empowerment and leadership. Social innovation isn’t exclusively how a company can help better society, it can also be used to sucor much bigger difficulties. Difficulties such as poverty, racism, climate change, migration problems and many other hardships that occur in the world. Socially innovative ideas give people the opportunity to make their lives a tad bit more simple or improve their life quality.

In Neeuko we are all about helping the community and helping others learn. That being said, if you want to learn more about social innovation and how it works, come on down to Neeuko on Thursday February 28th at 6:00PM. We’re hoping to see you there!



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